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Sale Tiamo Syphon Coffee Maker

Sale Tiamo Syphon Coffee Maker

Here at Tiamo Store we supply a wide variety of equipment and accessories to suit a range of different brewing techniques, from coffee tampers to make perfect espresso, to syphons and pour-over coffee kits to make perfect fresh coffee.

A coffee syphon is regarded by some as an outdated method of preparing fresh coffee; however the syphon is becoming popular again amongst baristas for a number of reasons.

Coffee syphons are eye-catching and nostalgic; they add a whimsical touch to your coffee shop. They also involve a certain amount of skill to operate, enabling baristas to really show their customers what they’re made of when it comes to freshly prepared coffee.

Please take a look at our full range of syphons and accessories below, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.