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SALE TIAMO Hand Grinder BLACK - WAS £29.95 now ONLY £15.25!!

Sale TIAMO Stainless Steel Hand Grinder

Sale TIAMO Stainless Steel Hand Grinder - WAS £37.94 now ONLY £21.16!!!

Sale Tiamo Mini Ceramic Burr Grinder - Black

Sale Tiamo Black Mini Ceramic Burr Grinder- WAS £35.00 now ONLY £27.60!!!

Go back a simpler time with one of these classic hand coffee grinders. As a barista or a home brewer you’ll be in full control of how the beans are ground. Mechanical grinders are fantastic for grinding large quantities of coffee but for smaller batches of speciality beans, or for a really fresh grind, we recommend the love and care of a hand grinder. The elegance of wooden hand coffee grinders can’t be beaten but Tiamo’s Ceramic Burr grinder in stainless steel makes a sleek and masculine statement. Ceramic burrs are more durable than steel burrs and are easy to care for as they’re less prone to rust and stains.
Hand grinders are ideal to carry with you wherever you go as they’re small and lightweight. For the ultimate portable coffee grinder choose from our selection of mini mills. These are compact and lightweight, making them convenient for taking to and from the office, for use where there’s limited space and for travelling with.